I Despise Selfies

To put it more politely than I would like, I despise “selfies”, you know those awful photos that warp the face; unknowing to individuals, who feel they need to show off but end up doing the opposite instead. Selfies to me reflect over-inflated egos, conceit, lack of self control, and impatience. Why not wait until there is a person around to take a photo of yourself so you can post it instead? The same goes for posting photos of tattoos while they are still red and inflamed from the needle that created them; let them heal, have some patience! As far as selfies go, they reflect a camera angle similar to the famous “The Dog” phenomena series trend that was around a few years ago. “The Dog” series shows a photo of a dog’s face so close up you can see up its snout. These dog photos give a warped view of the dog’s face creating a funny looking pup, so cute you have to giggle. Selfies have a similar warp to them because the person taking them is holding the camera and can only reach away as far as the arm can reach.

So why do seemingly beautiful people post these awful photos of themselves? I personally have a family member that has professional photos that are spectacular, but this family member does not post these photos, they post only selfies which are not flattering and in fact take away from the beauty.

I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?  To each there own I guess. It just seems like the person in the selfie is desperate and seems to be calling out ” aren’t I pretty?” The pouting lip selfies are even more desperate. Maybe it is a youth thing as I don’t typically see people over middle age posting selfies.

I guess it is a trend thing just like every era has. In my era glamour photos were the trend. These glamour photos are now made fun of on television shows like Ellen. Everything has a time and place where we as humans feel good about something and look back after years gone by and laugh at ourselves. Recently, I have seen the trend of ugly Christmas sweater parties. These sweaters were once a treasured fashion statement during the Christmas season. Hopefully selfies will soon be on the list of awful trends gone by. 

Figuring it all out?

As I get older, I can see why people have a mid-life crisis. Recently, I have concluded that there is a predictable pattern to everything in life. When you get to a certain age you have seen or heard almost everything. Have you ever had that feeling of being an outsider looking in from above; calmly watching the rest of humanity run through the maze you feel you’ve figured out?

Having experienced the good and the bad, I try to protect my children from the bad, but it never seems to work.  Human nature seems to get its way. Most children will not listen to experience and must learn from their mistakes. A lot of adults won’t listen either and I find them myself watching them  ignoring all reason, as they engage in their trials of life; repeating the same mistakes over and over. I  am not saying that I don’t make mistakes, it’s just that when I do, I try my best not to let it happen again and I try to learn from it.

Examples of life’s predictable patterns can be seen in the behavior of youth and the different stages they go through. It can be seen in school and the different functions students get involved with. It can be seen in the predictable times of a traffic jam at rush hour. It can be seen in employee and employer relationships. Life can feel so mundane at times; a replica of sorts like the movie Groundhog Day.

When a person is young everything is a new experience until you have experienced it over and over and then watched other people experience those experiences over and over. Life can be like opening a gift; the exhilaration at first and then opening the same gift over and over, the magic is dulled and predictable. What’s a person to do? It’s not like we don’t appreciate the gifts, it is simply that we become accustomed to the patterns of life. Not only can life become predictable and mundane as we age, but then our bodies start to give out and take on a whole different physical look.  We begin to search for new parts of life that give us that exhilarating feeling.

Having thought of all the possibilities life has to offer and knowing your own physical and mental limitations,. Sometimes ( and shamefully), one might think “is this all there is?”  Knowing and reminding myself that people in the world are suffering and are far worse off than myself; I get it. I don’t like it. I want to be innocent to it all again. Life is confusing. Sometimes it is better not to think too much into it. I sometimes visualize putting my head on a shelf for a small break, just to escape my fears and the anxiety I needlessly create. Mid-life crisis; I get it.