Pumpkin Pie for Breakfast: how to justify

Pumpkin pie is what I had for breakfast. Sounds bad right? Not if you consider millions of us eat donuts, scones, pastries and pancakes for breakfast without blinking an eye.  Pumpkin pie is chock full of beta carotene, vitamins, minerals, eggs, milk and other nutritious tidbits. If you add whipped cream well…. you are getting calcium from the fresh dairy right?  Breakfast justified!

Hostess Snacks: You let me down !

English: A Hostess CupCake, shown whole.

English: A Hostess CupCake, shown whole. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hostess Snacks saddened donut-loving,- junk food junkies last year when they announced their departure from the baked goods aisle in the grocery stores. We all mourned the loss. The last of the Twinkies were hoarded and sold on E-bay. I myself mourned the loss of the chocolate cupcakes with the decorative white swirled icing that each cupcake was so lovingly draped in. Actually, I loved almost all of Hostess products except the Twinkie and Suzie-Q. Donettes were also one of my favorites along with Zingers and Ho Ho’s. My beloved Hostess was gone forever and not one imposter baked good came even close to the quality of Hostess  products. Then came the announcement that Hostess was sold to another bakery and the baked goods would continue to be produced and sold. Yes, I could breathe again. I waited and waited to see Hostess products back on the shelf. I watched as the Today Show had a segment where the Hostess Twinkie truck was escorted through New York city first. Cheers from bystanders lined along the street sounded off in glee. Finally, Hostess products made their way to my town. At first, Hostess only released Twinkies and a few selected baked goods. Now, most of the Hostess products are back. I have tried all of my favorites and here is my review: Hostess….. What happened?…. You let me down! What is this product you put out? These imposters do not come even close to the original Hostess that once ruled the snack cake world! They taste awful, look different, and they do not taste like the same recipe. The consistency and density is completely different. I tried several times thinking maybe I had purchased a Hostess product that had been left in the heat or something. I stocked up on my favorite Hostess products when they came back to the stores and sadly, some were left uneaten. I now walk by the Hostess kiosk in my local grocery store, sigh, and then don’t look back. This is probably a good thing for my health. Although, Entemann’s will do for a powdered donut when I am desperate. I doubt the new Hostess products company will make it and end up in bankruptcy soon; it is only a matter of time in my opinion.