Puzzled Poetry

Pinterest March 2013 002


Midnight Snack.

Midnight snack I hear you calling

cookies, cake or chips for mauling.

The creaky step that is between us

and creaky door will tell on me,

You’re on my mind and will not leave,

I want to devour you until I heave.

The satisfaction of that pie,

or cornbread pudding in the fridge so high,

Surely others I will wake

if I give in to you chocolate cake.

Does not matter, I will not sleep

until my tongue tastes of your frosting so sweet.

I need my sleep but I know I will not

until I go to you my pastry with filling of apricot

Here I come, ready or not

as I spring for the door up off of my cot,

if you should  awaken upon my sneak

pull up a chair, grab a fork, grab a  spoon

we’ll start with the cheese as big as the moon

then together we’ll peak at the goodies galore

behind the bright halo of the silver fridge door.

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