Blogger Head

Blogger Head

I sit and I sit,

No physical ambition to be found,

It feels like my head is spinning round and round

I see your stories, your pictures, your trips that astound

But still I can’t leave until my fortune is found.


Eye’s crossing cause I just can’t go

It’s Blogger head I tell ya, blogger head ya know

Eye’s dilated like a circus clown

For the screen before me I will not shut down.


I can reach Antartica, Australia and Japan

All it takes is just a click from this calloused heavy hand.

Oh, which blog shall I read, oh, which blog shall I pick?

In my quest for entertainment, or to view one’s clever wit.


It really isn’t fortune or fame that I seek ,

But a distraction of the life that could be thought of as too meek.


It’s blogger head head I tell ya, blogger head ya know,

My index finger smooth as silk

from stroking keys whose wear doeth show.


Just one more page or one more blog,

My brain can’t take it, it’s in a fog,

It’s blogger head I tell ya, blogger head ya know.


Author: Lynette Barrett

May 25, 2013