IMTA: The time of our life’s

Reposting this in honor of Michael Maddox who passed away. RIP Michael. Thanks for the memories!

It's all a puzzle

Jeans competition IMTA

Last year my daughter was selected from our small town in Oregon to fly to Los Angeles, California to attend IMTA. She competed in modeling and acting. IMTA stands for International Modeling and Talent Association. It is a national convention where aspiring models, actors, and singers are seen by the top agents in the world. It is a true honor to be invited. My daughter and I flew to LA and stayed at the plush Westin Bonaventure hotel. We felt spoiled, it was a very beautiful hotel. The top floor was a revolving restaurant. The elevators were see through capsules attached to the outside of the building so you got a great view of the city as you rode up and down them. A Clint Eastwood movie was filmed on these cool elevators years ago and  many other movies as well.

The convention lasted  five days. There were many categories of competition such as runway, jeans, bathing suit, monologue, just to name a…

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