My New Pet Peeve

My new pet peeve is this…..

I recently realized a trend when sending and receiving answers to questions that I send via e-mail. I have sent out many e-mails this last year to professionals, friends, bosses, etc. I might even receive an e-mail that includes “if you have any questions please feel free to send them. So, I send an e-mail, It might have two or three questions included.  I am writing a completely fictional e-mail to use as an example, see below:

Dear so and so…

What are the dates and times of the meetings for this or that? Are the meetings two times a day? As I can only attend a meeting if it is before 7 pm. Also, could you please tell me when  good time to meet up with you in person so we can arrange this or that?

Here is an example of a typical answer: The meeting is September 15. Have a good day. Signed, (inconsiderate e-mail avoider)

So, as you can see, I only get part of one question answered. Either it is too much for the human mind to remember that there is more than one question or they are purposely avoiding the other questions. I do not want to send three or four separate e-mails just to get my questions answered. I have actually sent out questions in an e-mail in numbered tabs and included at the bottom…”could you please answer all the following questions?” But, I still get incomplete answers. What is wrong with people? How do they keep their jobs? I am at a point where if I have more than one question I will send out an e-mail for each question or call on the phone. There it is folks the new pet peeve!

2 thoughts on “My New Pet Peeve

    • No kidding… That might be what is happening. I think it is also a way for people to avoid being responsible for something that is electronically documented or that maybe they don’t know the answer and avoid those questions. In the later case, I would rather be told “I don’t know.” In all of my business and relationships I have very good standing and reputation so I don’t think it is done out of spite. Go figure! Human nature never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for the feedback. I enjoy it.

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