Breaking Bad the Finale TONIGHT !!!! Here is my Prediction.

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Breaking Bad Finale tonight!! It is like the super bowl. Break out the buffet

After making at least 50 predictions I have whittled it down to 2.

1) Walt wakes up from a nightmare caused by the chemo he was taking in the first episodes. Yes, it was all a nightmare!!!! The ULTIMATE DREAM SEQUENCE.

But the nightmare gets played out in the finale where “everybody gets killed” that is what wakes Walt up from his nightmare. If you remember about 2 episodes ago, Walt is shown saying “hello” to the elderly neighbor lady in the driveway (like nothing happened at all. and if I am right, after Walt wakes up from his nightmare, he will have a new lease on life and this will be the final parting scene!

2) This one I predicted at the beginning of this season. Walt is killed by his son. You would think it would have been a drug lord or an FBI agent or something along those lines. But, it would be the perfect ending to have someone innocent get revenge. Maybe even his little girl innocently playing with his gun when no one is watching and then she pulls the trigger on Walt. But then that would make for 3 predictions. Ok, Ok, 3.

OK. That’s it! Let’s hear your predictions!

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