Blogger Head

Reposting for DP Challenge

It's all a puzzle

Blogger Head

I sit and I sit,

No physical ambition to be found,

It feels like my head is spinning round and round

I see your stories, your pictures, your trips that astound

But still I can’t leave until my fortune is found.


Eye’s crossing cause I just can’t go

It’s Blogger head I tell ya, blogger head ya know

Eye’s dilated like a circus clown

For the screen before me I will not shut down.


I can reach Antartica, Australia and Japan

All it takes is just a click from this calloused heavy hand.

Oh, which blog shall I read, oh, which blog shall I pick?

In my quest for entertainment, or to view one’s clever wit.


It really isn’t fortune or fame that I seek ,

But a distraction of the life that could be thought of as too meek.


It’s blogger head head…

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