Breaking Bad: Possibly one of the most well written and casted shows ever

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I am here to tell you… I am not a fan of just any action/drama/fiction/crime show, but somehow, I fell into watching Breaking Bad (the mini-series on AMC channel) and I have been addicted since. Not only is the casting SUPERB!! but the writing and musical soundtrack are outstanding! Breaking Bad is in its last season now. There are only 6 episodes left. If you haven’t watched this show yet, I recommend catching up on Netflix or some other route. You surely won’t be let down. My husband and I look forward to this show  (which airs every Sunday Evening) like an eager football fan looks forward to the Super bowl. I have never been taken in by a television show like this before as I am a harsh critic of these crime/drama shows. The story line started with the main character (played by the outstanding Brian Cranston) as a high school chemistry teacher who gets cancer and cannot afford to treat his cancer. Somehow he teams up with one of his students and  starts cooking drugs. Throughout the series  evil takes over and he becomes a drug lord. At first his loving family knew nothing about his double life, but now his wife is involved. And the brother-in-law is head of the DEA and just figured it all out. Won’t give away anymore, already said too much. See for yourself. Just watch this Sunday. See your local listing on AMC channel.

Light Coming Through a Window

Light Coming Through a Window


Light coming through a window

You take me to a place

Of memories long ago

 Not Just a reflection on my face but a feeling in my soul

You trigger warmth and comfort, but sometimes unsure feelings of a distant memory gone.

Light coming through a window

Where is it that you take me? Sometimes I am unsure

Is it kindergarten classroom or kitchen table at grandmas on a warm and sunny day?

Or is it childhood neighbor’s house or the light from my old home

 Where mom’s voice can still be heard in the ray of light that still is shown?

Light coming through a window

It can come at any time, it can come from anywhere

It can come from any angle; windows high or low

 Sometimes in the floor beneath my feet

 In between a wooden panel unaligned; oh yes to you fond memory, I do remember you

The time I had a slumber party in the attic room

 With all my friends; our sleeping bags aligned,

 Where laughter and silent snickers bellowed from these walls

 Just before mom and dad and gave their final shushing call

Oh… light coning through a window

Thank you for this memory I might not have ever had thought again

Had your light not found and stopped me in my hurried state of mind

Light coming through a window

Or outside behind the shadow of a tree

You’re always welcome here, where your memories run free

Sometime I know not what you say; maybe I’m amidst a new memory being played

But I will always stop to listen, just in case you want to speak

 You see, memories triggered are not just from food

Or the sound of music known to create a mood

But a silent observation, a warmth upon the skin

 Or a feeling or a memory that made an impact on the soul

Light coming through a window

You take me back; I have to stare, just to feel your whisper upon my golden locks of hair.


Author: Lynette Barrett August 2, 2013