How odd I am…..

I have realized that I read magazines from back to front. I start at the front page and find myself quickly flipping to the back page and sort through the pages looking for stories of interest. Of all the unusual human behaviors in the world, I am sure I am alone in my ‘weirdness’. I have tried to figure out why I do this. Here are some of the ideas I have come up with… am I like an impatient kid at Christmas unwrapping the gift (looking for the good stuff) before I am supposed to? But, I never was a kid like that. My mom was a poor gift hider and I knew where she hid stuff. I never wanted to see gifts before Christmas because the rush at Christmas was better than knowing prematurely. In fact, I would get pissed off if I saw any of my gifts beforehand. I thought my mom should have done a better job of hiding them an I told her so repeatedly.  Go figure! Maybe I have some unknown mental thing related to dyslexia. I am an entrepreneur and approach some things differently than the mainstream. I am a completely unique person. Aren’t we all? I have very good morals. But, I feel different.

You might assume because I feel like an outsider and do not follow the mainstream that I am full of tats and piercings. Truth is … I don’t have one tattoo on my body and the only piercing I have is the one in my ear lobes… the old fashioned small invisible ones. I can appreciate others tattoos but for me I would feel like another sheep in line. Tattoos and unusual piercings are all too commonplace. Besides, I know myself well enough to know that no matter how well I like a picture or piece of art, I would be bored with it after awhile and be completely irritated that I was stuck with it for life. I wouldn’t mind a temporary tattoo. If I really like a picture or a piece of art, I will frame it and hang it on a wall. For me a tattoo is like a bumper sticker on a brand new car… less is better. I have seen a couple of tattoos that I do appreciate. One was a stamp of a newborn baby’s foot on the back of the calf of the parent. I also appreciate a small reminder tattoo in the memory of someone who has passed. For me, those are the only ones I would consider. I like fashion and trends just as much as the next person; maybe more. But I can only ride the train for a little while and then I want off. I don’t want any fashion or social trend to follow me throughout my life. I will stick with trendy clothing and trendy jewelry… something that I can choose on a daily basis to follow. It’s just me. I told you I am odd. I don’t follow the mainstream. I remind myself that just because someone gets tattoos or piercings that I wouldn’t just means that they did it for there OWN reasons. We all have different reasons for approaching life as we do. Even though I don’t participate in something doesn’t mean that I don’t believe that others don’t have a right to do so. I respect that. I am just pointing out that just because someone doesn’t follow the current social norms doesn’t mean that they are weird. It just means that we are all individuals and different in our own right.

Do you have any odd human behaviors? I would love to hear them.   

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