New spelling for a new age?

OK, maybe it’s not “new” spelling, but what the heck is going on? Have you noticed that the spelling of a lot of words are evolving? For example the word “nite” it is being used so much in this form; usually in advertising and such, that I think the younger generation does not know how to spell “night”. What about “flavour”? The last I knew it was spelled “flavor”… Is there a meaning that I am not aware of …. please let me know? I am behind the times with technology sometimes. Are there any words that you have noticed that are being spelled differently to be catchy? I think it can be cute or catch the eye when used in moderation but when they are used to be trendy or too often, I feel it is a sign of trying too hard to be current. I have really noticed that the different spellings are becoming common place and as a luddite, I am resisting. At least for now. What are some words that you have noticed changing?

5 thoughts on “New spelling for a new age?

  1. Flavour is simply the British spelling of flavor, just like colour, humour, neighbour, honour, etc. I would consider those correct either way, as long as the writer is being consistent. However, “nite”? I’d definitely count off for that when grading an essay!

    • I thought so, but it seems like until the last five years or so, I have not seen it used much in the U.S. I don’t remember seeing it growing up. Now I see it all the time. Thank you for your input, I appreciate it. I am never too old to learn.

  2. Hello fellow luddite. It’s strange to think that flavor has mutated into flavour in the US. Here in Australia the default spell check is American so the young things here have taken to (mis)spelling flavour and other things. I hadn’t heard of the reverse happening in the US till you mentioned it.

    • That is interesting, see the comments below my post as a follower educated me on the correct spelling. I feel more confused than when I first wrote the post. LOL. You are 7 hrs. different in your time zone… that blows me away. Thanks for your feedback, I love it.

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