A great idea for entertaining…

ImageThis past Easter I used my covered cake plate with pedestal for a centerpiece. After I divided up candy from making Easter baskets for my children (whom I know are too old for but I continue to give them) I had a lot of leftover candy. I decided to arrange it on my cake pedestal and place it centrally where there was ample lighting to reflect the beautiful colors of the candy. I thought I might show you and share this idea. I feel it could be used for any holiday or get together. I used Russell Stover’s pectin jelly beans and in my opinion, are the bees knees of jelly beans. I also used Dove foiled chocolates ( yummy chocolate I tell ya)) which seemed to reflect the light well and added to the beauty of the centerpiece. Of course, I didn’t forget the Easter original… the Peeps. These days you can find Peeps for any holiday and they come in specialty holiday colors.  I received a lot of compliments on this centerpiece and guests couldn’t quit eating off of it. It was fun! I hope you will try it and enjoy as well!

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