Seriously… don’t take life so seriously!

Hope pictures 027

I have heard the saying… “don’t take life too seriously.” Today, I have been silently chanting this in my head. What does it mean? Well, I think of it as a reflective statement. I take it as meaning to ‘stop focusing on the negative’ and  to slow down and look at the bigger picture. The phrase itself can bring to mind many other clichés such as ‘stop and smell the roses’. I woke up this morning to a sunny morning and my head starting swirling with things that I should be doing. I should clean my house, I should make some calls, I should do this or that, and before you know it, I felt frustrated because I lacked the motivation to follow through with any of these ideas and plans. I had just worked two twelve hour days and I need time to physically and mentally recuperate. I strongly feel the need to push myself and feel guilty wasting my time doing nothing. So somehow the energy and happiness that I woke up became diminished due to these negative feelings of frustration that were piling up by the minute. So, the saying “don’t take life so seriously” came to my mind. I don’t know where it came from but it came to my mind and I like it. It helped. The saying helps me to relax and refocus. For me the saying works like a positive affirmation. For those of you out there that are overwhelmed I can’t urge you enough to practice positive affirmations such as this one. At times in life I can really get wound up over things that are a big deal at first glance. I went to college for several years, received a degree and achieved a career.  When I have a bad day at work and feel threatened that I could lose my job I can really let it get to me. I thought to myself… after all I did to get this far…after all I have strived for… all the tears and toil… and I am not satisfied with this or that. I had to surrender to the reality that all I had worked for, may some day might not be there for some reason or other and it “WOULD” be o.k. Life will go on; in fact, it may be better. Now I look back on certain days when I felt down about those things and I see them more clearly and realize…. it did get better. I will and always will strive to do the best of my ability, uphold my high standards, be ethical and honest, so that I can say to myself… I gave it my all!  Most problems are a small thing in the scope of a much bigger picture. I have always argued that anxiety helps me to problem solve. But, at some point it becomes something bigger and this is when it is time to surrender to other positive thoughts. You know when change needs to happen when certain problems affect your daily functioning and relationships on a consistent basis. One must remember that it doesn’t really matter how much you have worked for something, it just may not be the path of peace and happiness for you. Take some time to be with your family, take a long walk, meditate, and pray. Time has a way of healing and a way of seeing things more clearly. When you are feeling frustrated, down, or depressed, think of positive affirmations such as ” don’t take life so seriously” they really can help. It is always a good thing to think positive thoughts.

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