Warm Fuzzy Feeling

This is my very first post on a blog. Have you ever had a warm fuzzy feeling? The other day, I was driving down the street and a complete stranger made eye contact and gave me a great big smile. I did not know this person and I thought to myself… does that person know me? I had never seen this person before in my life and that is what made it all the more special. I got this warm fuzzy feeling and I kept going over the scene in my head to recreate this feeling. It is a very powerful feeling… it feels good down to the soul. I have had this feeling many times before in my life and wonder what sets it off. My thought is that when somebody gives a little extra attention to you, it can validate you. I think at times I feel like a wallflower and it can bring me right out of it. It feels like a mental connection has been made. It does give me a sense of worthiness. If I could describe what love feels like it would have to be this feeling. Not the kind of love we have for a spouse or family, but LOVE between two human beings. Not to be misunderstood and not that the person that smiled at me loves me, but that might be what love feels like; a spiritual love. As this love enters our souls it can give us goose bumps. I can feel the effects on my brain, it is like a warm surge of well being, just for a moment or two. This feeling can also come from a pat on the back, a special note, a caring touch on the arm during a conversation, etc. You never when you can make someone’s day by such simple acts. Who knew a smile from a stranger could make such a big impact?

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