I have an anomaly I would appreciate feedback on. I have noticed a pattern in my life. As I get older and more sedentary I try to muster up the enthusiasm to work out  and get back in to good physical shape that I had during my youth; I am middle age now. The pattern I keep seeing is this: When I finally get motivated and go work out on a consistent basis and push myself a little, I start to notice a slight improvement in my shape and feel of my body. When I get serious about it, I can see instant results. The problem I have is that as soon as I see and feel ANY results, I get a sore throat and feel run down and get very sick with a respiratory infection of some kind. I can be sick in bed for a week or two with a hacking cough for months afterwards. This stops all of the progress I had accumulated (which was only a small beginning). I am sick as I write this. This scenario keeps playing out in my life over and over and over and I can’t get back in shape. If I don’t exercise outside of my somewhat physical job, I don’t get the “crud”. I can be exposed to very sick people and my own family coughing and hacking on me and I don’t get sick. It is only when I work out and push myself to get in shape that I get the “crud”. What is happening? Should I go to a nutritionist? My doctors have no advice, and I don’t feel like they listen to me. Does anyone else ever notice this health phenomenon or is it just me? It seems to pop up like when one gets a fever blister on their lips when they get a fever or a cut on the lips. Could it be some kind of unknown viral thing that blooms when I get my body hot and sweaty? I don’t think I start working out that hard. I have the will power to get in shape but am very frustrated that I always get the “crud” when I try. The “crud” stops me. I have a job to keep with a very strict attendance policy and I can’t be off sick. I will be traveling to southern California this summer and would like to swim with the dolphins and fit into one of those wet suits and swim in the ocean without looking and feeling like a blob. When I was more youthful, working out keeps my appetite at bay and I have a desire to eat right. Any suggestions out there? Please no rude comments.

I Despise Selfies

To put it more politely than I would like, I despise “selfies”, you know those awful photos that warp the face; unknowing to individuals, who feel they need to show off but end up doing the opposite instead. Selfies to me reflect over-inflated egos, conceit, lack of self control, and impatience. Why not wait until there is a person around to take a photo of yourself so you can post it instead? The same goes for posting photos of tattoos while they are still red and inflamed from the needle that created them; let them heal, have some patience! As far as selfies go, they reflect a camera angle similar to the famous “The Dog” phenomena series trend that was around a few years ago. “The Dog” series shows a photo of a dog’s face so close up you can see up its snout. These dog photos give a warped view of the dog’s face creating a funny looking pup, so cute you have to giggle. Selfies have a similar warp to them because the person taking them is holding the camera and can only reach away as far as the arm can reach.

So why do seemingly beautiful people post these awful photos of themselves? I personally have a family member that has professional photos that are spectacular, but this family member does not post these photos, they post only selfies which are not flattering and in fact take away from the beauty.

I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?  To each there own I guess. It just seems like the person in the selfie is desperate and seems to be calling out ” aren’t I pretty?” The pouting lip selfies are even more desperate. Maybe it is a youth thing as I don’t typically see people over middle age posting selfies.

I guess it is a trend thing just like every era has. In my era glamour photos were the trend. These glamour photos are now made fun of on television shows like Ellen. Everything has a time and place where we as humans feel good about something and look back after years gone by and laugh at ourselves. Recently, I have seen the trend of ugly Christmas sweater parties. These sweaters were once a treasured fashion statement during the Christmas season. Hopefully selfies will soon be on the list of awful trends gone by. 

Thank you kind stranger

 Today I was running errands and could feel the pulse of the holiday rush. Today in Oregon; like a lot of the country, there is snow and ice, making driving less than perfect. It is the kind of day where all the tire stores are extremely busy. I could feel the craziness of people scrambling to take care of their business and hurrying about; it was contagious. The mood today in town was the kind of day where everyone is so occupied that they put their heads down and don’t bother looking up or conversing; I felt like a fly on the wall because of it.

I was at the local K-mart making one of my last stops pacing back and forth at the check outs trying to find one with a small line. I found a check out line with a small enough line to my liking and proceeded to wait. An elderly gentleman waiting ahead of me in line turned around, smiled and made small talk; he did this a couple of times. He then proceeded to ask me, “don’t I know you from somewhere?”. I thought hard about where I might have met this gentleman when he suddenly exclaimed, ” I know, Jail.” Knowing I had never been to jail, I knew he was joking and then he laughed, confirming my suspicion. He continued on with a few more antics while I listened intently as if this were the last human being I would talk to for a long while.

I really, really enjoyed my time conversing with this gentleman; I did not want it to end quickly. I feel he enjoyed our time together as much as I did. It seemed this is the way I remember life was long ago growing up before the electronic age. For a moment, I felt like this stranger and I were the only two people around that were humans in a sea of zombies; like we were from the last of the conversational generation. I felt validated as a human being. Thank you kind gentleman stranger you made my day.

IMTA: The time of our life’s

Reposting this in honor of Michael Maddox who passed away. RIP Michael. Thanks for the memories!

It's all a puzzle

Jeans competition IMTA

Last year my daughter was selected from our small town in Oregon to fly to Los Angeles, California to attend IMTA. She competed in modeling and acting. IMTA stands for International Modeling and Talent Association. It is a national convention where aspiring models, actors, and singers are seen by the top agents in the world. It is a true honor to be invited. My daughter and I flew to LA and stayed at the plush Westin Bonaventure hotel. We felt spoiled, it was a very beautiful hotel. The top floor was a revolving restaurant. The elevators were see through capsules attached to the outside of the building so you got a great view of the city as you rode up and down them. A Clint Eastwood movie was filmed on these cool elevators years ago and  many other movies as well.

The convention lasted  five days. There were many categories of competition such as runway, jeans, bathing suit, monologue, just to name a…

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Pumpkin Pie for Breakfast: how to justify

Pumpkin pie is what I had for breakfast. Sounds bad right? Not if you consider millions of us eat donuts, scones, pastries and pancakes for breakfast without blinking an eye.  Pumpkin pie is chock full of beta carotene, vitamins, minerals, eggs, milk and other nutritious tidbits. If you add whipped cream well…. you are getting calcium from the fresh dairy right?  Breakfast justified!